WOMAD 2014



WOMAD 2014 at night time on the final day. Radio B Africa was backstage at the Oliver Mtukudzi show, the legendary Zimabwean performer that is referred to by his loyal fans simply as “Tuku”. Annie Lennox also took to the stage on the final night of WOMAD 2014 much to the delight of her long awaiting fans. Look out for the full WOMAD 2014 report here. Radio B Africa is a strand of Beechbook Publishing. IMG_0213

We encountered a giant tulip arrangement at WOMAD 2014, there were lots of weird and wonderful arts and crafts stalls and installations for the revellers to behold. The Lemonade stalls were particularly popular although bars serving alcoholic beverages were also on hand for those who had a very particular thirst.

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Find B Africa on Tunein

Find B Africa on Tunein

Salif Keita and Les Ambassadours reunite on the stage of WOMAD 2014 in the UK. What a magical moment it was. Find Radio B Africa on Tunein.com or download the Tunein app for mobile from the Google Play Store or from the App Store for iOS.